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Zinkoxyd aktiv (Zinc Oxide Active)

  • Zinkoxyd aktiv (Zinc Oxide Active)
  • Zinkoxyd aktiv (Zinc Oxide Active)
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Brand Name︰LANXESS
Country of Origin︰Germany
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Product Description


Fine particles of precipitated zinc oxide
Supply form: powder
BET surface area: approximaltely 45 m²/g
Lead: approximately 3 ppm
Cadmium: approximately 2 ppm
Function: vulcanization activator, filler
Application areas: coagulated goods, shoes, automotive

Organic accelerators almost always need activators to achieve the highest efficiency in sulfur vulcanization. The most important activator is zinc oxide which is used in nearly every rubber compound. Zinkoxyd aktiv and Zinc Oxide Transparent are effective vulcanization activators of very fine particle size and are suitable for rubber and latex products based on natural and synthetic polymers. They are produced in a wet process by precipitation from a carefully purified zinc salt solution. The special manufacturing process results in products with particularly favorable particle size and very low heavy metal content. Employed at high levels, Zinkoxyd aktiv provides good fatigue resistance and high resilience in dynamically stressed articles, such as spring components, dynamic parts and rollers.

Apart from activating sulfur cures, zinc oxide itself is a crosslinking agent for polymers containing halogen or carboxyl groups, such as chloroprene rubber (CR), bromobutyl rubber (BIIR), chlorobutyl rubber (CIIR) or carboxylated nitrile rubber (XNBR) and carboxylated styrene-butadiene rubber (XSBR).

CR latex is preferably crosslinked with Zinkoxyd aktiv. Also natural rubber latex can be activated in curing by Zinkoxyd aktiv or Zinc Oxide Transparent. Zinc Oxide Transparent is particularly suited for transparent rubber and latex goods. Zinkoxyd aktiv and Zinc Oxide Transparent are especially useful for rubber articles which must be limited to low levels of heavy metals.  

Key Properties 

- activation of sulfur vulcanization
- crosslinker for metal oxide curable elastomers
- very low heavy metal content


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