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We have over 50-year experience in importing, exporting, wholesaling and retailing of rubber chemical materials. Your specialist in rubber products. 


The main business of our company are:  

Rubber accelerator:
Vulkacit CZ, Vulkacit DM, Vulkacit Merkapto(M), Santocure CBS, Perkacit MBT, Perkacit MBTS, Perkacit DPG, Perkacit TMTD, Perkacit TMTM, Perkacit ZDBC. 

Additives and fillers: 
Zinc oxide 99.9% Gold Seal, Zinkoxyd Aktiv (Zinc Oxide Active), Zinc oxide transparent, zinc stearate, calcium carbonate, CORAX N660 Carbon Black. 

Antioxidant and plasticizers: 
Vulkanox BHT, Flectol TMQ, RD antioxidant, Stearic acid, MESAMOLL, Hexamoll DINCH, DINP, White mineral oil. 

Synthetic rubber and natural rubber:
SBR1502, SBR1778, Perbunan 3445F, Krynac 3345F, NBR6240, Baypren 110, Baypren 320, Diapol 1808, RSS3, ADS1

Pigments and Color Masterbatch.

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